Symbol: Li
Atomic number: 3
Category: alkali metals
Group: 1
Period: 2
Block: s
Atomic weight: 6.941 g/mol
Electrons per shell: 2, 1
CAS number: 7439-93-2
Phase: solid
Density: 0.534 kg/dm3 (near room temperature)
Melting point: 453.69 K (180.54 C, 356.97 F)
Boiling point: 1615 K (1342 C, 2448 F)
Crystal structure: body centered cubic
Oxidation states: 1
Electronegativity: 0.98 (Pauling scale)
Name's origin: lithos
Name's meaning: stone, as it was discovered in petalite stone (lithium aluminium silicate)
- lithium salts give a bright red color in flame when burned
- floats on water
- can be cut with a knife
- is flammable and potentially explosive when exposed to air and especially water