Intelligent Materials Chemistry at University of Turku

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The Intelligent Materials Chemistry research group, IMC, focuses on the research and development of materials that have the ability to respond to their surroundings by a drastic change in their behaviour or properties.

Our group works mainly within the themes of “Intelligent Sensing“, “Intelligent Imaging“, “Intelligent Catalysis“, “Intelligent Lighting“, “Intelligent Energy” and “Intelligent Recycling” employing organic, inorganic or hybrid material systems. Our expertise lies in both photonics and metal-organics.

We are constantly striving towards new solutions to the needs of the society using the tools of applied and fundamental research with strong focus on international and national collaboration with other research groups across different disciplines.

In terms of teaching bachelor, master and doctoral level students at University of Turku, our group is responsible for courses dealing with inorganic chemistry as well as research methods used in all types of materials characterization. By joining our group in the master’s stage, you will receive education in the specialization theme of Intelligent Materials Chemistry under the track of Chemistry of Materials for Sustainable Development.

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Here is our theme song video that we made in 2020–2021: