Luminescence spectrometer

Edinburgh Instruments FLS-1000

This spectrometer can be used for the measurement of the luminescence properties of liquid or solid samples.

Luminescence measurements are useful for materials as well as molecular sciences for gaining information on both unwanted (impurity) and planned dopants in materials as well as the materials or molecules themselves. This device has both a steady state and pulsed excitation source as well as two different detectors for emission. The setup is also equipped with an integrating sphere to allow quantum yield measurements.


  • Steady state and pulsed (μs) Xe lamps for excitation.
  • Multiple inlets for external fiber-connected lasers for excitation. 635, 808, 850, 980 and 1550 nm lasers available.
  • Detectors for the ranges 240–850 nm and 1500–5500 nm.
  • Luminescence emission and excitation, absorptance and quantum yield measurements.

For more information, contact Mika Lastusaari.