TA Instruments Q600 SDT, simultaneous TGA-DSC

This device measures both the weight of the sample as well as the heat flow from and to the sample either during heating/cooling or isothermally.

The TG method can be used e.g. for determination of moisture content, determination of purity, study of drying, study of binding processes, research of firing, determination of thermal stability, vaporization studies, and kinetic studies.

DSC can be used e.g. for determination of melting points, investigation of material purities, determination of reaction enthalpies, determination of specific heats, study of reaction kinetics, investigation of heat resistance, study of phase changes, and research of oxidation and reduction.


  • Temperature range: room temperature to 1500 oC.
  • Available gases: air and nitrogen.
  • Typical heating rates: 1 to 20 oC/min.
  • Typical sample cup volume: 30 μl.
  • Typical sample weight: 10 mg.

For more information, contact Mika Lastusaari.