Join our group?

If you’re interested in joining our group, there are several possibilities:

As a student it is possible to choose to do your BSc or MSc laboratory work in our lab with a research topic in one of our projects. It is also possible to do the MSc work in the industry. Please contact us for further details.

It is also possible to join us to do you doctoral studies or afterwards be a post doc in our group. The doctoral studies can be carried out under the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) in the Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences (EXACTUS). Unfortunately, we do not have frequent financing for PhD students or post docs from our group. However, financing can be applied from the UTUGS. Please see their web pages for information on upcoming calls. We also welcome PhD students and postdocs who already have their own financing and who wish to do their work in inorganic materials chemistry.