Intelligent imaging

Imaging employs photonic sensor materials laid into a 2D or 3D detector system enabling the construction of a position-sensitive image of the sensor signal.

In the IMC group, we have developed an X-ray imaging technique (Tenebrescence Imaging) based on the X-ray induced color changing in hackmanites. This technique does not require any expensive electronic X-ray detectors, because the X-ray image is visible to the naked eye on the surface of the detector plate made of our material. Moreover, the detector is erasable and thus it can be reused practically infinitely.

A deceased winged ant and an X-ray image of it obtained with our tenebrescence imaging technique. Read the whole study here.

Furthermore, we are currently developing an in-vivo imaging device based on biophotonic implants together with the research group of Prof. Laeticia Petit and Prof. Jonathan Massera from Tampere University. This research is currently in its early stages.