Intelligent energy

IMC’s strategy in intelligent energy focuses on renewable energy solutions.

1) Photonic materials for solar cells.

We carry out solar cell research targeting on photonic materials capable of harvesting, converting and/or storing solar energy. These materials are added as thin layers to solar cells to enhance their performance. This research branch is done in collaboration with Aalto University’s groups led by Prof. Maarit Karppinen and Assoc. Prof Hele Savin.

Left: Example of an up-converting layer incorporated to a solar cell in our work. Right: The JSc vs. V plot indicates a 3 % increase in short-circuit current density of the cell with the up-converting layer. Read the whole study here.

2) Metal-organic frameworks for hydrogen generation

Electrocatalytic water splitting is one way to produce hydrogen economically. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) could be an answer when planning catalyst having Lewis-acidic metal centres as well as pores and channels to supply the reacting molecules. Moreover, the structure should be electronic conductor, which may be conceivable by using redox-active organic linkers in the MOF structure. This research will be carried out together with Dr. Manu Lahtinen University of Jyväskylä. The work is at present in its early stages.