Our Group

IMC group photo of 2022. From left to right: Anssi, Sami, Roosa, Mika, Bettiina, Cecilia, Natalia, Ari, Pinja, Hannah, Teemu, Nina, and Samu. Absent from the photo are Sobia, Narhari, Mousumi, Sana, and Julia.

Group Leaders

Mika Lastusaari
Leader of photonic materials research

Ari Lehtonen
Adjunct Professor, University Lecturer
Leader of metal-organic research

University Teachers

Anssi Peuronen
Adjunct Professor, metal-organic

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ian Machado
Postdoctoral Researcher

Doctoral Candidates

Cecilia Agamah
Doctoral Candidate, photonics
Narhari Sapkota
Doctoral Candidate, metal-organic
Sobia Rashid
Doctoral Candidate, photonics
Hannah Byron
Doctoral Candidate, photonics
Sami Vuori
Doctoral Candidate, photonics

Students, visitors

Pinja Santamäki
MSc student, photonics
Tommi Tervo
MSc student, metal-organic
Natalia Antonova
MSc student, photonics
Roosa Vastamäki
MSc student, photonics
Herkko Laukkanen
MSc student, photonics
Kirsi Miller
MSc student, photonics
Mousumi Dey
MSc student, photonics
Nina Rehnberg
MSc student, photonics
Julius Kärki
MSc student, metal-organic
Bettiina Muurinen
BSc student, photonics
Julia Kajander
BSc student, photonics
Teemu Taam
MSc student, metal-organic
Shukri Mahamuud
On-the-job training student

Honorary members

Hellen Santos
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Halogen hectorites: Smectites designed to luminesce, 2017, University of Turku
Tero Laihinen
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Lanthanide doped NaYF4 up-conversion luminescence materials, 2016, University of Turku
José Carvalho
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of new phosphors doped with Ti and Ce ions for persistent luminescence and solid-state lighting applications, 2015, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Liana Nakamura
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Noble metals nanoparticles on titanium dioxide nanostructured films and the influence of their photocatalytic activity, 2012, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Lucas C. V. Rodrigues
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Preparation and development of the persistent luminescence mechanism of rare earth doped materials, 2012, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Emilia Palo
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Modifying upconverting nanoparticles with polyelectrolyte multilayers, 2019, University of Turku

Esko Salojärvi
PhD, metal-organic
PhD Thesis: The optical and magnetic properties of redox-active d-block metal complexes with non-innocent ligands, 2021, University of Turku
Isabella Norrbo
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Synthetic hackmanites and their optical properties – from theory to applications, 2019, University of Turku

Minnea Tuomisto
PhD, photonics
PhD Thesis: Upconverting luminescent materials for solar energy conversion, 2019, University of Turku
Pasi Salonen
PhD thesis: Aminophenolato complexes of Mo, W and V In catalytic alkene epoxidation and catechol oxidation