DemoDay February 8

Today February 8 a DemoDay for first-year high school students was organized, where approx. 1,300 high school students from Turku and Parainen got to visit the universities in the Turku area. During the day, IMC held demos and presentations for a total of eight groups, with the following topics:

– Why blood has a red colour? (Ari Lehtonen)

– Glowing materials (Sami Vuori & Minnea Tuomisto)

– Intelligent sensor materials inspired by nature (Mika Lastusaari)

Thanks to all participants, and we wish you fruitful moments studying chemistry!

Now recruiting

The recruitment for the new hackmanite project funded by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation is now on. The call ends at the end of January. Please see the UTU recruitment pages for more details. Our call IDs are labelled as ID 20134 and ID 20124.

Shortcuts to the calls:
1-2 Doctoral Researchers / Project Researchers:

Postdoctoral Researcher/Project Researcher:

IMC & hackmanite in the headlines during New Year

IMC and hackmanite were in the headlines right before the New Year’s Eve. First, on Friday 29/12 there was an interview with Prof. Mika on Yle’s radio news, and the next day Yle published the article “In Turku, a special stone that changes color and glows in the dark is being researched – soon a sensor built from it will go into space” related to our project with the European Space Agency.

The article (only in Finnish):

Happy New Year!

2023 has been the best year for IMC: we have the best scientific impact ever in publications, both individually and in total. Many new, enthusiastic students joined our group and we also received new research funding. Big thanks also goes to our stakeholders and partners, with whom the fruitful cooperation will continue in the future. Thank you everyone and a very happy new year 2024!

Kemistin työkalupakki: osa 8

Kemistin työkalupakin kahdeksannessa osassa professori Mika Lastusaari ja tohtorit Anssi Peuronen ja Sami Vuori esittelevät kannettavan värispektrometrin toimintaa. Hyvää joulua! 🌲

Huom! Havaittu väri riippuu aina siitä, missä valossa asiaa tarkastellaan. Tämä värispektrometri käyttää standardivaloa, joka vastaa kesäisen keskipäivän aurinkoa. Laboratoriossamme sen sijaan on tavallinen valkoinen LED-valaistus. Sen värintoistoindeksi on 83/100, mikä tarkoittaa sitä, etteivät kaikki värisävyt näytä sen valossa samalta kuin kesäisen keskipäivän auringonvalossa. Siksi voi olla, että tässä tutkittu hackmaniittijauhe on laboratoriovalaistuksessa enemmän violetti kuin pinkki, vaikka standardivalossa asia on päinvastoin.