Meet Melanie Wals

Introducing Melanie Wals, a BSc exchange student from the University of Regensburg, Germany. She’s in her third year and staying for this semester in Ari’s group, focusing on metal-organic syntheses. On her free time she plays soccer and likes to cook and bake together with her roommates.

Meet Leonnam Merízio

Meet Leonnam Merízio, our newest postdoctoral researcher. He obtained his PhD from the University of São Paulo, Brazil in 2019 and is a researcher at São Carlos Physics Institute, working with persistent luminescent glasses and nanomaterials. Now, as part of his post-doctorate, he is working at UTU for one year. Some of his hobbies include practicing Tae Kwon-do, observe the moon and the planets with a telescope and hang out with friends.

Meet Douglas Fritzen

Meet Douglas Fritzen who obtained his PhD a month ago from the University of São Paulo, Brazil and is now on a short visit at our chemistry department, but will be back next year for two years. His hobbies include taking care of plants (his friends say that he has a green finger), practicing kung fu, and taking pictures of his cats!

IMC & hackmanite in the main national TV news

Mika, Sami, and Hannah in the main national TV news 25/4/2022 at 20:30.

We have now been in the big news headlines about our hackmanite research. First, there was a big deal in Turku Sanomat’s print paper and website (, and yesterday we got nationwide coverage when we were on Finnish Broadcasting Company’s (Yle) main news broadcast at 8:30 pm! Yle’s story can be found at

We were at the end of the main national TV news at 20.30: (from 18:35 onwards)

Yle also published the same in their radio: (from 7:50 onwards):