IMC & hackmanite in the main national TV news

Mika, Sami, and Hannah in the main national TV news 25/4/2022 at 20:30.

We have now been in the big news headlines about our hackmanite research. First, there was a big deal in Turku Sanomat’s print paper and website (, and yesterday we got nationwide coverage when we were on Finnish Broadcasting Company’s (Yle) main news broadcast at 8:30 pm! Yle’s story can be found at

We were at the end of the main national TV news at 20.30: (from 18:35 onwards)

Yle also published the same in their radio: (from 7:50 onwards):

Yle visits to make a story about hackmanite

From left to right: Roosa, Hannah, Cecilia, Yle’s Markku and Samuli and lastly Sami grinding some hackmanite. Photo taken by Mika Lastusaari.

Today was an interesting day when Finland’s national public broadcasting company Yle visited our lab for a couple of hours. Journalist Markku Sandell interviewed us asking good questions about hackmanite research and patterns of cooperation with the European Space Agency. There is no exact information yet on when the thing will air, but we’ll notify when we know.

IMC is now Intelligent

During the move to Aurum we reinvented ourselves by making something drastic: we changed our name! Inorganic is now history and Intelligent future. This is because our IMC council thought that our chemistry repertoire spans wider than just inorganic, and our common interest is making intelligent materals. We are henceforth Intelligent Materials Chemistry Group, but we still maintain that old, familiar IMC. Here you can watch our move-themed video.

Neon ray and gold dust videos:
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Molten gold video:

Sami’s interview in a local newspaper Kunnallislehti

Kunnallislehti is a local newpaper in the region consisting of Paimio, Sauvo and Kaarina municipalities. Sami was interviewed as a chemist living in Paimio’s Kevola village because of the newly-published X-ray tenebrescence article. Sami tells about the background of the invention, experiences about living in Paimio and also dispels worries that people may have about particle accelerators.

Article by reporter Perttu Hemminki.

Sami’s article receives attention in newspapers and magazines

IMC group and our whole chemistry department has received attention from various newspapers and magazines with PhD student Sami Vuori‘s article (corresponding author Adjunct Professor Mika Lastusaari) that was recently published in Advanced Optical Materials: “Detection of X-Ray Doses with Color-Changing Hackmanites: Mechanism and Application“. In addition to showing a practical application, the article also reveals the mechanism of hackmanite’s coloration upon X-ray exposure, which has never been researched thoroughly before.

Image by Sami Vuori.

In the article, Sami imaged a dead body of an ant using a film with hackmanite powder on it. When the X-rays hit the film, the hackmanite colors from natural white to pink, and since the ant’s body attenuates X-rays, some photons are absorbed in it and won’t color the film. This is a simple method, which does not require any expensive analyzers since one can see the result directly.

Image by Sami Vuori.
Image by Sami Vuori.

The article was an international joint effort consisting of researchers from the University of Turku (PhD student Sami Vuori, Adjunct Professor Mika Lastusaari, Dr. Isabella Norrbo, Professor Petriina Paturi, Professor Timo Saarinen and University Teacher Heikki Palonen), University of São Paulo in Brazil (Dr. Lucas C. V. Rodrigues), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Dr. Jörg Göttlicher and Dr. Ralph Steininger) and University of Lyon (PhD student Pauline Colinet, Assistant Professor Tangui Le Bahers).