Latest doctoral dissertations:

Byron, Hannah – Tuning Photochromic Sodalites across the Visible Spectrum
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Vuori, Sami – Reversible photochromism of synthetic hackmanites in radiation detection and quantification
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Salonen, Pasi – Aminophenolato complexes of Mo, W and V In catalytic alkene epoxidation and catechol oxidation
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Salojärvi, Esko – The optical and magnetic properties of redox-active d-block metal complexes with non-innocent ligands
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Tuomisto, Minnea – Upconverting luminescent materials for solar energy conversion
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Norrbo, Isabella – Synthetic hackmanites and their optical properties – from theory to applications
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Palo, Emilia – Modifying upconverting nanoparticles with polyelectrolyte multilayers
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Santos, Hellen Silva – Halogen hectorites : smectites designed to luminesce
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Laihinen, Tero – Lanthanide doped NaYF4 up-conversion luminescence materials
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Pihlgren, Laura – NIR-Vis Up-Conversion Luminescence in the Yb3+,Er3+ Doped Y2O2S, ZrO2, and NaYF4 Nanomaterials
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Laamanen, Taneli – Defects in Persistent Luminescence Materials
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Aitasalo, Tuomas – Disilicate-based Persistent Luminescence Materials

Niittykoski, Janne – Persistent Luminescence of Rare Earth Doped Aluminates

Latest Master’s theses:

Vastamäki, Roosa – Hackmaniitin valmistus mikroaaltosynteesillä ilman zeoliittilähtöainetta

Rouhio, Otto – Luminoivat volframikompleksiyhdisteet

Kreivilä, Teppo – Photochromic Sodalites by a New Method of Synthesis

Vuori, Sami – Synthetic hackmanites as detection materials for ionizing radiation

Niemi, Samu – Haihtuvien orgaanisten yhdisteiden hallintamenetelmät (Controlling methods for volatile organic compounds)

Oksa, Jaakko – Luminoivat lasit (Luminescent glasses)

Norrbo, Isabella – Investigating tenebresence and luminescence in Na8(AlSiO4)6(Cl,S)2 sodalites using NMR and EPR spectroscopies

Kiiski, Hanna – Preparation of ultrapure nickel in laboratory conditions

Tuomisto, Minnea – Preparation of up-converting nanoparticles with liquid methods and the factors affecting the particle size, shape and up-conversion luminescence

Laihinen, Tero – Up-conversion luminescence of lanthanides

Palo, Emilia – Solvothermal synthesis in the preparation of luminescent materials

Lindström, Mikael – Red-emitting persistent luminescence materials