DemoDay February 8

Today February 8 a DemoDay for first-year high school students was organized, where approx. 1,300 high school students from Turku and Parainen got to visit the universities in the Turku area. During the day, IMC held demos and presentations for a total of eight groups, with the following topics:

– Why blood has a red colour? (Ari Lehtonen)

– Glowing materials (Sami Vuori & Minnea Tuomisto)

– Intelligent sensor materials inspired by nature (Mika Lastusaari)

Thanks to all participants, and we wish you fruitful moments studying chemistry!

Akseli Mansikkamäki from Oulu visits IMC

From left to right: Anssi Peuronen, Akseli Mansikkamäki and Ari Lehtonen.

Today we had the honor of hosting a visit of Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Fellow Akseli Mansikkamäki, who works in the NMR Research Unit of the University of Oulu, giving a talk about “Recent Advances in Organometallic Lanthanide Single-Molecule Magnets“. Akseli’s publishing activities are of a very high quality, and in 2018 he was an author in an article in the Science journal “Magnetic hysteresis up to 80 kelvin in a dysprosium metallocene single-molecule magnet“. Thanks for visiting and see you again, Akseli!

Mela’s communications team’s visit

Today we had a communications team from The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela taking photos of IMC’s laboratories. The people admiring the IMC’s Chemistree, from left to right: Mela’s Mikko Käkelä and Julia von Flittner and our Adjunct Professor Ari Lehtonen. Missing from the photo: Mela’s Virve Laine and the mannequin, PhD student Sami Vuori. The stock photos will be published later, so stay tuned!

Felix Memmel from the University of Würzburg

MSc student Felix Memmel from the University of Würzburg in Germany is doing a part of his exchange period at IMC. He came to Finland after hearing good recommendations about this country from a PhD student who had his exchange period in Joensuu. Especially Finns’ English skills were a definite pro when considering an exchange country.

Wurzburg location
Würzburg’s location

Felix’s major is inorganic chemistry, and he will be synthesizing some tungsten compounds first under Ari’s supervision, and when ready, will move on to create some luminescent materials in Mika’s group. He will be in the lab for 8 weeks, and we warmly welcome him to conduct his experiments!