IMC’s visit to Aalto’s ALD/MLD research center

From left to right: Postdoctoral Researcher Sami Vuori, BSc students Aino Kärsämänoja and Jenni Ali-Penttilä, Aalto Distinguished Professor Maarit Karppinen, Professor Mika Lastusaari, Doctoral Researchers Amr Ghazy and Topias Jussila.

Yesterday was a nice day for IMC as we had the honor to visit Aalto University for collaboration. Doctoral Researcher Amr Ghazy (second from right) hosted the lab excursion by showing us how atomic layer deposition and molecular layer deposition are conducted at Aalto. IMC’s BSc students Aino Kärsämänoja (second from left) and Jenni Ali-Penttilä (third from left) are doing a BSc lab work that deals with these materials, so it was very useful for them to learn about this technique, just as it was for IMC’s Postdoctoral Researcher Sami Vuori (left) and Professor Mika Lastusaari (third from right). Thank you for the collaboration Amr + Doctoral Researcher Topias Jussila (right), and Aalto Distinguished Professor Maarit Karppinen (middle).