Introducing IMC’s Plant Lamp™

Introducing the Plant Lamp™ invented and patented by IMC, which is yet another harbinger of sustainable development in our research group. Our lamp works by allowing the plant to grow in fluorescent-rich soil, so that its cells absorb the substance and become saturated with it. The fluorescent substance is activated by the plant’s natural biological processes and thus begins to shine completely without external stimulation. Because such a plant also shines at night, it grows 20% faster than other specimens from the same species. And that’s not all, because such a plant can also grow in completely lightless conditions, which is why it has been claimed to solve biocompatibility problems in e.g. Pluto settlement and intergalactic travel.

In addition to all these properties, the fluorescent substance consisting of metal-organic frameworks also strengthens the structure of the plant considerably, which protects it against physical threats.