MSCA PF 2022 Applicants – Apply with University of Turku, Finland, as host institution!

The University of Turku in Finland is now looking for young and talented researchers to apply for MSCA PF with the University as host institution. We are interested in hosting postdoctoral researchers from across the globe, across SSH and STEM disciplines. We will provide access to state-of-the-art research facilities and a comprehensive career development opportunity to successful candidates. Researchers who commit to applying to Turku will be assisted and guided on every step of the application process until deadline on 14 September 2022 by the Research Funding Unit and the Supervisor. Only those who are funded through European Commission’s MSCA PF program will be admitted to Univ. of Turku.

There are two ways of applying:
1) Find a project by one of the Supervisors @ Univ. of Turku and send us an application if you have previous experience in the field of the project
2) Find a Supervisor yourself and contact him/her to propose a project of your own

1) Existing projects looking for MSCA PF applicants

Go to to see several projects that are looking for MSCA applicants. There you will also find all necessary info for applying.

To apply, applicants must choose one of the projects (our project is named Photochromic sensors, which can be found under Chemistry (CHE)) and send the following filled forms as PDF files to at the latest on 23 March 2022.

• CV and list of publications
• Letter of motivation
• Eligibility Self-Declaration

All forms are compulsory.

Candidates will be pre-selected based on their expression of interest, CV and motivation.

There are 3 main requirements of eligibility:

• Applicants must have a PhD and no more than 8 years of full-time research experience
• Applicants can be of any nationality but must not have lived or worked in Finland for more than 12 months during the 3 years up to the closing date of the call 14 September 2022 (mobility rule)
• Applicants must choose University of Turku as their Host Institution

The Research Funding unit will verify candidates’ eligibility and send the applications to the Supervisors taking into consideration the choice expressed by candidates in their application forms.

Supervisors will select only one candidate per project.

The selected candidates will be contacted by the Research Funding unit to inform of the following steps and the process of preparing an actual MSCA PF application jointly with the Supervisor.

Please contact for any questions on the funding scheme and the MSCA program.

2) Finding a Supervisor by yourself

If you didn’t find a suitable project but would still like to apply to University of Turku, go to to search for a Supervisor with experience that matches your project idea. Then contact that Supervisor as soon as possible to see whether collaboration could be possible.