The Super Week of Hackmanites

Last week was truly a super week of hackmanites, since Sami had his defense on Monday, and Hannah on Friday. Sami’s opponent was Professor Adrian Finch from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK, whereas Hannah’s was Professor Mark T. Weller from Cardiff University. Professor Mika Lastusaari was appointed as the Custos in both defenses. Both events went really well, and now both Sami and Hannah are PhDs!

After Sami’s defense. From left to right: Professor Adrian Finch, Professor Mika Lastusaari, and Dr. Sami Vuori.

Hannah’s defense, from left to right: Dr. Hannah Byron, Professor Mika Lastusaari, and Professor Mark T. Weller.


Today we had an afternoon break to celebrate Minnea and Isabella for their achievements. Minnea got her first publication out about the effect of Mn and Cr doping on the up-conversion luminescence from NaYF4:Yb3+,Er3+ and Isabella graduated as a Master of Science. Congratulations to both!

Minnea’s article can be found behind a link here It will be added to our publication list after it has got page numbers.