Kemian kevät 2019

The Kemian kevät seminars for BSc and MSc students are held in Arcanum lecture hall Arc1 on 24.-26.4.2019. Most of the presentations are in Finnish, international student present their work on Thursday afternoon 13.35-14.15.

You can hear inorganic material chemistry talks on Thursday 25.4. from 9.45 onwards first with six BSc thesis presentations from Teppo, Veera, Herkko, Matti, Otto and Roosa followed by one MSc presentation from Sami. The topics range from luminescent particles and LEDs to metal-organic complexes and reversible photochromism. In Thursday afternoon at 13.35 you can also hear a presentation from Qingan about transition metal catalyzed coupling.

More info and timetables can be found at Kemian kevät 2019 website: Kemian kevät (www)
Program: Program 2019 (pdf)