IMC represents at Optics & Photonics Days 2021

IMC’s PhD students Sobia Rashid, Hannah Byron, Cecilia Agamah, and Sami Vuori went to the Optics & Photonics Days 2021 conference held on 1.–3.12. in Logomo, Turku. It was amazing to meet other photonics enthusiasts, listen to interesting presentations and tell other participants about our research. Next year OPD will be held in Tampere so see you there!

We presented our posters made by Mika Lastusaari, Sobia Rashid, Cecilia Agamah, Sami Vuori, and Hannah Byron.
The conference had interesting speakers from many different optics & photonics fields. Here University of Eastern Finland’s professor Tanja Tarvainen gives her plenary talk about optical tomography.

Hannah wins best poster award at FyFa symposium

The 31st symposium of the Finnish Society of Physical Pharmacy (FyFa) was held on February 13th–14th, 2020 in Hotel Arthur in Helsinki. IMC’s representation consisted of Adj. Prof. Mika Lastusaari in the arranging team and PhD student Hannah Byron giving both an oral and a poster presentation.

Everything went exceptionally well, and Hannah also won the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society’s best poster award (200 €)!

The theme of the symposium this year was Trends of Thermoanalytical Methods in Materials Characterization, and Hannah’s topic was Thermoluminescence of hackmanites produced using a zeolite-free method.

Hannah giving her oral presentation Thermoluminescence of hackmanites produced using a zeolite-free method. Photo by João Pedro Martins.
Photo by João Pedro Martins.
Hannah invited on stage for the best poster award by the chairpersons of FyFa, Emma Hokkala, and FinTAC, Vesa-Pekka Lehto. Photo by João Pedro Martins.

Chembio 2019 in Helsinki

University of Turku was well represented in the Chembio 2019 event in Helsinki 27.-28.3.2019. Isabella Norrbo from our group and Maarit Karonen from NCRG presented their research in Materials in Nature seminar by FinTAC ry. In addition, Marica Engström from NCRG presented her research in the session by the chromatography society of Finland.

Great job from all of you!

Image by Anne Koivuniemi
From left to right: Marica, Maarit and Isabella (picture by Anne Koivuniemi)
Image by Mika Lastusaari

Isabella presenting her research (picture by Mika Lastusaari)

Isabella & Minnea @ Shift 2017 conference

Isabella and Minnea are at the Shift 2017 conference in Tenerife, Spain presenting their research topics (conference WWW). The conference and its name are referring to spectral shaping of light and the topics range from applications in energy and photochemistry to biomedical applications.

Go check the “Yb,Er up-conversion luminescence from molecular hybrid thin films prepared by ALD/MLD” poster by Minnea and “The use of synthetic hackmanites in storing UV radiation and X-rays” poster by Isabella.

Isabella at International Conference on Dynamical Processes in Excited States of Solids in Paris

Isabella is attending 9th International Conference on Dynamical Processes in Excited States of Solids (DPC’16) in Paris, France on July 17-22, 2016 with a poster “Up-conversion luminescence – a new property in tenebrescent Hackmanites”. So if you’re around go and see her poster! 🙂

DPC’16 (www)

See us in conferences next week

You can spot us in two conferences next week.

Emilia and Tero are participating in the 1st Conference and Spring School on Properties, Design and Applications of Upconverting Nanomaterials (UPCON) in Wroclaw, Poland on 23-27.5. with the topics “Sensitising Up-Conversion Materials with Layer-by-Layer Method” and “Extensive Study of NaYF4:Yb3+,R3+ Up-Conversion Luminescence Materials”. Come see their posters on Tuesday.

Mika is participating in Biosensors 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden on 25-27.5. and will be presenting his topic “Using Synthetic Hackmanites as Sensors of Solar UV radiation” on Friday afternoon so go check him there!

UPCON 2016 conference (www)
Biosensors 2016 conference (www)

Come see us at Kemian kevät ’16

“Kemian kevät ’16 – Innovaatioiden alkulähteillä” which is a seminar event where BSc and MSc students present their thesis topics is held in Arcanum on 26.-28.4.2016. This year also PhD students give a brief introduction about their research topics.

Inorganic materials chemistry has plenary lection on Thursday afternoon when our students will have their presentations – also as an added bonus Emilia and Minnea will have their Science Slam presentations on Tuesday.


You can find the program and from the Kemian kevät website below.
Program (pdf)

Synchrotron Light Finland 3.-4.12.2015

FSRUO Annual Workshop & School 2015 is held in Helsinki, Kumpula Science Campus on 3.-4.12.2015

Mika is giving a lecture in FSRUO (Finnish Synchrotron Radiation User Organisation) annual workshop in Helsinki on the matter of “Using Synchrotron-Based Methods for Understanding Solid State Oxides and Fluorides”

Seminar program and registration (www): Program FSRUO 2015
FSRUO homepage: WWW